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    Scituate beaches - Town of Scituate Beaches
    The Town of Scituate operates five (5) oceanfront beach areas with six (6) designated swimming areas. These include Egypt Beach, Humarock Beach, Minot Beach (two areas), Peggotty Beach, and Sand Hills Beach.  These areas are greatly affected by the changing tides of the Atlantic Ocean. 
    Lifeguard protective services are offered beginning in late June of each year and ending by Labor Day.  Approximately 30 lifeguards, a Lifeguard Supervisor and an Assistant Lifeguard Supervisor are hired seasonally to staff these areas. As staffing levels are depleted, beach areas change from guarded to unguarded beaches.  There are porta potties available at each beach. 
    Beach Sticker required and strictly enforced by Scituate Police Department

    Humarock Beach
    Fine, hard-packed sand, The beach is legally part of Scituate, but accessible only from Ferry Street (off Rte. 3A) in North Marshfield,120 parking spots, Handicap Beach wheelchair available to be signed out @ Fire Station (located in parking lot).Gift shops, a general store and restaurants are within walking distance.

    Minot Beach
    Sandy beach with nice views of Minot Light and Massachusetts Bay,
    Pedestrian access to beach via passageway on left side of Minot Post Office.
    Bailey's Causeway East Lot: 26 parking spots.
    Bailey's Causeway West Lot: 75 parking spots

    Egypt Beach
    Small and stony swimming between North Scituate and Sand Hill beaches
    77 parking spots.
    Convenience store is within walking distance,

    Sand Hills Beach
    Small, sandy beach that narrows at high tide. Access from Oceanside Drive.
    24 parking spots,
    Convenience store is within walking distance,

    Peggotty Beach
    Half-mile, hard-packed, sand. Access from Peggotty Beach Road.
    200 parking spots, Downtown Scituate Harbor with shops, restaurants and a hotel is within walking distance.

    Pets on Beaches   -  All dogs are to be leashed at all times.

    •  Dogs are not allowed on any public or beach within the town of Scituate from June 15th to September 15th from 10am-6pm.
    • No dogs are allowed on the town's athletic fields at any time.
    • PLEASE pick up after your dog. IT'S THE LAW!


    Scituate Lighthouse   http://lighthouse.cc/scituate/